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AyA Kitchens and Baths' commitment to sustainability is exemplified in EVO™, the leading component of AyA’s Green Design 2.0 initiative. AyA's EVO™ line of cabinetry contains no added urea formaldehyde for a healthier home environment. Throughout its business practices AyA Kitchens is continually striving to surpass environmental and health standards and help their customers create healthier environments, whether renovating a home or building LEED certified developments . AyA is proud to announce that their standard line of cabinetry has achieved certification from the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).





One of the principal objectives of AyA’s proprietary, in-house developed, production software is material optimization. Utilizing this software allows AyA to minimize the waste generated at every operation in the manufacturing process. The next step is to reuse or recycle any remaining waste material. From solid wood to finishing materials, AyA works with employees and partners to first reuse and then recycle as must of our waste stream as possible.

Recently, in partnership with Q & A Design, AyA fabricated wood components from solid maple offcuts from our door department for a stunning reciprocal canopy that surrounded our KBIB/IBS tradeshow booth. Solid wood shavings and used brown paper towels from restrooms are being composted and the waste from cleaning our finishing lines is recycled and reused by AyA.


The industry standard for finishing wood cabinetry has historically always been solvent-based finishes. They are tried and true and are easy to work with. The down side is that they are based on solvents that are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Since it’s inception AyA has always strived to be a leader in green design and has been working ahead to provide a better and safer product for our clients and our environment. Although our solvent based finishes have always been low-VOC, after years of testing to ensure our quality would not be compromised, in May 2014 AyA changed over our solvent based topcoat to a water-based topcoat.

As of May 2018 AyA has introduced a full line of water-based stains and a water-based sealer. This voluntary switch to water-based finishes ensures AyA Kitchens is ahead of the curve and provides a superior and truly environmentally friendly product for our clients.



Forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.


Phytoremediation is the process of removing contaminants from soil or groundwater by utilizing different types of plants. AyA has teamed up with Pete North of North Design Studio and the University of Toronto on a multi-year project to use plants to remove the low level contaminants on the AyA property, a legacy of past tenants of the site. AyA has taken on this voluntary project to protect and improve the neighbouring Etobicoke Creek area and encourage biodiversity through renaturalization of the area bordering the creek with the planting of native plants and trees.

> VIdeo: Learn more about AyA's Phytoremediation Project


AyA has always been an environmentally conscious company that takes pride in reducing waste and increasing efficiency. In 2014 we focused on energy conservation, first in our manufacturing facility and then expanded into our building and offices. By converting all of AyA’s lighting to energy-efficient LED light bulbs and removing unnecessary lighting, AyA’s electricity consumption dropped almost 20% from 2014-2017. Over the same period by changing practices and reducing inefficiencies, natural gas consumption was reduced by almost half.

AyA is committed to providing a quality product in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contributes to a safe and healthy home for our customers and AyA prides itself in being an active member of its community. AyA has partnered with school woodworking programs by providing excess wood materials for student projects. AyA has been an active supporter of Habitat for Humanity and other community based initiatives.



AyA launched its Green Design initiative in early 2007 with a premium line of no added urea formaldehyde plywood cabinets. In 2008 AyA launched EVO™, an extremely affordable no added urea formaldehyde alternative to its certified low emission standard line of cabinetry. All EVO™ cabinets are made with only EPP certified (Environmentally Preferable Product) 100% post industrial wood fiber particle board. AyA’s commitment to healthy environments also includes the use of only low HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) finishes and an exclusive UV cured water-based top coat finish.