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AyA’s state of the art manufacturing process combines the efficiencies of just-in-time manufacturing with the customization and quality of old-world craftsmanship. Rather than assembling from stock parts, every kitchen is made from scratch to the individual specifications of every customer. We call it mass customization – your kitchen, the way you want it for a great price. AyA Kitchens and Baths is proud to have earned the KCMA Certification Seal and Environmental Stewardship Program Certification. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Certification program assures that cabinetry bearing the KCMA seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSII)





All AyA’s cabinets are dowel constructed for a strong, sturdy and perfectly square cabinet, every time. Aya’s just-in-time manufacturing philosophy allows us to offer fully integrated veneer finished ends and colour matched edge banding on the face of every cabinet. The result: seamless colour, inside and out. It also means real choice – white or maple interiors and no-added urea formaldehyde particle board or plywood options.

AyA manufactures all of its wood doors in-house to ensure the highest possible quality standards. Premium oak, maple and cherry components are assembled into over 30 different door styles, from the very traditional to ultra contemporary. With a capacity of over 1000 doors per day, and thousands of door style, species, colour and size combinations, AyA has fused fine craftsmanship with the best of modern manufacturing.


AyA’s sophisticated on line finishing system ensures the highest level of consistency in the application of our finishes while radically reducing waste. Only low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes are used by AyA to ensure a healthy work and home environment. AyA’s exclusive UV cured water-based top coat further eliminates emissions and results in a more resilient finish that is less prone to fading and discolouring. Exquisite hand finishes round out the broad selection of finishes offered by AyA.

This is where is all comes together. For the first time in the process, a kitchen is considered as its own independent entity. The hundreds of parts and pieces that go into making a kitchen unite here in AyA’s assembly department. Doors are drilled for hardware, drawer boxes and cabinets assembled and doors hung. Final adjustments and quality inspection ensure that only the highest level of quality leaves our factory.


The final step of AyA’s assembly process in that every cabinet is packaged to prevent shipping damage and then receives a completion sticker detailing the product, customer information and date of assembly. The barcoding of this sticker allows the finished product to be scanned out of production and onto the delivery trucks to allow for seamless logistics and delivery to our customer’s job sites across North America.




Founded in 2000 with the vision of being a ‘game-changer’ AyA Kitchens and Baths has become Canada’s foremost manufacturer of high quality, frameless cabinetry. By combining old world craftsmanship and attention to detail with high tech manufacturing processes AyA offers innovative quality cabinetry at competitive manufacturer direct prices to clients across North America.


AyA (i'ya) means Design and good design starts from the ground up. AyA has designed and continues to refine one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly cabinet manufacturing facilities in North America.